A robot can really replace human affection?


Have you ever thought that as far as digital transformation evolves, man would surely create the machine that will destroy us?

Yes, I agree, that’s a very weird (but probably justified) way to speak with you today. The reality is that, we are so willing to improve or create a better world (and trust me, I do understand because I can’t even imagine living without internet or the third of the technologies we have today! 🙂 ) that some people tend to forget the essential.

Nursing homes just got the idea to buy a robot in order to relax old people. Their reason is that nurses tend to be exhausted because they have to repeat things several times or they just don’t have enough time to spend with old people. You would surely tell me that’s their job, right?

Professionals would surely invoke the easiness of one or two activities that can be done in groups but, is it not another reason given to the young generation to keep continuing to avoid visiting their relatives and giving them affection they need? The other reason being that they are too busy making money that will pay these expensive nurse homes…

Anyway, correct me if I am totally misunderstanding this but even this RTBF’s report is implicitly trying to convince those Grandpas of the necessity to have a robot for a “job” their sons or daughters  could surely do?


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