Black Girls Diary


Make use of your difference as the greatest weapon, because being unique is what fits you the best.

A speblack-girls-diarycial note dedicated toBlack Girls’ diary, 4 “Afro-European” women who created a channel to break down all taboos related to the African culture!

The truth is that in African families, girls (and at times boys) are not allowed to discuss some subjects with their parents. Many of them discover advantages and disadvantages of sex, love affairs, marriage, education and many more on the ground.

The catalyst being the European culture where they live, the challenge of these 4 women (whose roots are in Cameroon, Burundi, Rwanda & Ivory Coast) is to empower African women (who live in Belgium and in Africa) by revealing and making them assume their identity, through the unspoken words of their culture and the reality of the Belgian one.

With a taste of humor and sensitivity, discover their channel here. 🙂


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