What do brands like best about impactful people?

Before continue reading, please keep in mind that an impactful person is not necessary a rich or a famous person. People tend to confuse both.

Have you ever met someone who gets the attention on him/herself without doing anything special? Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about this handsome and sexy man or this fashionista who attracts the other sex or people of the same sex.

I am referring to what tends to be impactful while being in public. With regards to the attitude, I met two kinds of people:

  • On one side, those who seem very “cool” in public. Everybody loves them. They are funny, very smiling and attract a lot of people around them. That’s their natural attitude. The atmosphere seems to be pleasant and enjoyable with them.
  • On the other side, you have the seemingly shy person. Calm and in public, they do not talk too much but when they do, their words are just what needs to be said to solve a problem, to bring in peace or to just relax the atmosphere.

They are not talkative but one of their posts on social media arouses hundreds, even thousands of likes. It looks like they always have the right word at the right moment.

They seem to not expect things from people. They seem to not envy people. On the contrary people listen to them carefully. People envy them.

That’s why they are often considered as opinion leaders by brands. By analysing their data, digital analysts realized they are the opinion leaders they need to sell brands’ products. If you appreciate so much a relative of yours, you are likely to take what he/she says for right & good, therefore, to easily be influenced by a brand.

My advice? Do not listen so much to your friends! 😀




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