What do you do for a living?

Funny, crazy or bizarre, there are jobs you can’t even imagine people getting paid for that! They are different from conventional jobs but some people really do it! You will surely agree with me, with the evolution of things, nothing is not really surprising anymore.

  • Mourner

(I admit, this job is old as the oldest profession in the world!)

My man once told me that women like to cry. I would even say that they cry so much that it has become a passion and they turned it into a job.  So people are paid to assume fake identities and pretend to be very closed to the deceased. This is very common in Eastern cultures, China and in some parts of India and Africa. The good news is that they surely have very good lacrimal glands! That’s probably not mandatory in those parts of Africa where this has become a current practice, since to be a good mourner in these regions, you do not only have to cry but also shout!

The other news is that mourning at a funeral is becoming a growing industry, and start making its mark in some western countries.

  • The guy who waits in the queue

You badly need to pay the entrance ticket for Jay-Z & Queen B concert? You are mad at doing the queue to try paying that ticket? Then call the guy who waits in the queue. He will spend the night for you in the cold to ensure you to get the best place in the concert hall.

  • Windshield cleaner

You are waiting for the red light to become green or you just stop in a petrol station to refuel?

That could be a relaxing moment for your car because you just give the opportunity to a young boy to clean your windshield. Without asking you, he will clean your windshield expecting in return a symbolic payment from 2 € or more. If the payment depends on your mood of the day, at the end of the day or the month, the guy will surely be able to pay his school fees.

This practice is current in some African countries.

  • Lost golf ball collector or diver

I heard about this job as a part-time occupation of an unemployed person in Florida (USA).  The guy stole lost golf balls in ponds that he sold for one dollar.

It takes some time but he succeeds in becoming a billionaire after 14 years.

Now you know what to do if you want to become rich!

And you, what’s the most astonishing job you have ever heard about?


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