“Il a déjà tes yeux”

Destabilize by breaking all the stereotypes…in the good way!

Once you leave your country for another one, once you are born from immigrant parents, you become more than aware of the attitude of the other towards you. That’s a fact.

I won’t describe all the clichés people can undergo in a society because, as much as cultures exist, as much as stereotypes exist.

However, instead of keep playing the role of the victim in the story; let’s try to destabilize mentalities, by breaking some of these stereotypes, and at the end, by making mentalities evolve.

That’s why I love cinema, because it sensitizes in a way people would have never dared to do in real life.

In “Il a déjà tes yeux”, Aissa Maïga shows two things:

It’s possible for a black (African) woman to not being the victim and to live a happy marriage with her husband; but also to adopt a white baby tearing apart some clichés in both African and European societies.





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