Hidden “no more”

So many people talked about and keep talking about it. Characters won an award thanks to that movie in the USA: Hidden Figures, the incredible biopic, based on the true story of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson, 3 brilliant Afro-American women working as the brains in one of the main important operations at NASA.

I found myself today thinking about which side of the story I should write about. Telling you again about the story would have been boring since I am very bad at telling great stories. 🙂

I rather think about the lesson one can bring out of the movie after watching it. You will surely read a thousand one in newspapers and on internet, but when it comes to this movie, two words come to my mind: engaging & empowering.

Engaging: in multiple ways, one can give reason to the thematic depth created by the producer and the movie director. Above all, liberty is given to the spectator to go ahead with his/her own fights among the numerous themes emphasized in the movie: feminism, empowerement of Afro-American women, family duty, and many more.

Empowering because it gives you enough hope and strength (or at least remind people how it is necessary to have them) to pursue and achieve your dreams.

My advice: if you have not yet watched it, do it, it’s “the must” of the year! (The year has just started, let’s say of the month!)



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