The Valentine’s Day

I have spent the week-end hearing this question several times: what will you do for the Valentine’s Day?

Day D-3 … and the day shall come. On my side, I asked some people what they think about this day.

Let us not talk about its origin …So here are some answers I received…

  • For some of them, that was just a commercial idea to make people needlessly spend their money. Those of this group believe that if you love someone, you do not necessarily need to wait for A day to show the person you love you actually do.
  • For others, that was just another moment to actually show the person you love you do. For this group, all occasions are good to celebrate.
  • Another group again, thinks that as they rarely receive gifts from their partner, the 14th of February is a good reason to receive one. In this way, they put forward the argument of the Valentine’s Day.

What I have noticed is that those who believe in, tried and try to convince those for who it is just a day to believe in THE day.

As far as I am concerned I do believe, media and advertising have turned it into a commercial idea that makes them sell a lot BUT in a couple, I celebrate and appreciate all generous displays of affection towards the beloved one, and this whatever the day is. So, February 14th should not shy away from that rule, but always bear in mind that to show a mark of affection, it does not have to necessarily cost you money, just energy and passion.



4 thoughts on “The Valentine’s Day

  1. Ah ah ah. Oui on le dit nous rappeller
    que nous devons avoir de petite attentions d’amour. Mais pas évident de le mettre en pratique


    1. Dear Annais, you are right! Sometimes, it seems that these marks of attention only exist during the first months… we should not forget that life is short…and what we take for granted, somebody else prays for it. 🙂 So let’s try to act in a way that we won’t regret later. 🙂


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