Is a small country a land of innovations?

The thing with small people is that they make use of all facilities, advantages or opportunities in their hand to show their potentiality.

I believe this is what small countries have to teach bigger ones. Belgium for instance is the ideal example of a small country where decisions of governance have been limited to regions or municipalities according to sectors and where the cooperation between the private and public sector has been facilitated for the common good.

Let’s give a view of Brussels to illustrate that.

In terms of business, three elements add value to the attractiveness of the town:

  • Fintech. According to a study of EY, SMES constitute 6.8% of the growing economy of Brussels. If they receive finances of the region, part of this growing economy is due to SMES which succeed in bringing together finance and the evolution of new technologies.
  • Services. Belgium is the 12th world exporter of services according to a report of the Belgian trade agency of 2015. One argument that fosters the negotiations for companies based at Brussels is the presence of European Institutions where main decisions concerning Europe are taken.
  • Last but not least, the multicultural environment of the society. The strength of this argument relies in the ability of the society to adapt itself to a wide range of products sold in the town on one hand. On another hand, companies have to create their own synergy taking into account this argument in order to produce better results.

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