My grandmother’ letter to my host family

My granddaughter will leave our family today to continue another part of her life in your country. It’s going to be different for her in many ways and I wish you would remind her those few things at the right time.  This adventure will probably include sorrow, joy and reassessment hence the necessity to constantly have faith, love, determination, and courage.

Dear host family, in your country, my grand-daughter will discover your culture. She will be confronted to realize the failures of the culture she is coming from but also to tolerate what she thought inconceivable in yours. Remind her to first understand the reasons behind every custom and to appreciate the true value of every culture regarding love and her own values.

She will meet people with different backgrounds. She then will hear so many clichés, be it positive or negative about them. Remind her to not to pay attention to clichés before talking to the concerned person. May she always be objective in her approach to people and may faith in people guide her in every decision she will make.

Life will sometimes be tough with her. Remind her to find a reason to smile or laugh in those situations, to not be ashamed of crying but above all to always go ahead with determination.

She will probably fall in love and get her own family. Dear host family, remind her to not to teach her children the fear of others. Let them have the courage to face life with all those values with them.

Dear host family, thanks in advance for the attention you will grant her.


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