Mobile World Congress 2017

The world’s biggest exhibition that takes place in Barcelona (Spain) from February 27th to March 2nd has been placed under the sign of artificial intelligence and 5G, the mobile network of the future.

You may not believe it but do you remember the Nokia 3310?

Well it has been the star of this exhibition! It’s crazy how people appreciate the “vintage” in everything. (I believe, for them, it’s like “ouah, I remember this part of my life! 🙂 ). Find out here how they renewed it. It will now be sold to 49 €.

Let’s talk about serious stuff now…

As far as innovations are concerned, Google brought a touch of novelty by announcing the deployment of a “personal smart assistant” for all Android 6 & Android 7. If LG has already decided to make use of this technology, its aim is to have a potential differentiation factor before Apple & Samsung.

Furthermore, Huawei, third behind Apple and Samsung, leaders of smartphones, will improve the design and the performance of its products.

However, despite this enthusiasm and these good resolutions of the telecommunications and new technologies’ leaders, it’s quite hard to determine the primary use of the 5G that will generate real and potential incomes.

At this very moment of the trial period, in the Silicon Valley – USA, the 4G and 5G networks are still coexisting according to Mr. Vamparys whose fear is not to start from nothing.

As fast as new technologies are evolving, what else can we expect from this exhibition?

Stay tuned… 🙂




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