Being a citizen of the world: a feeling or a reality?

diversité culturelle15 people from all over the world, selected in a stride. The casting was tough, the profiles are completely different from one to another, personalities are both explosive and calm like a river and yet they all have one thing in common: their passion for travelling.

Their curiosity for people, their love for food, for a particular climate in one country, for a particular culture or simply the clash they have when they confront one culture, one person, one identity with their own culture. It’s just fascinating.

Does that give you the right to laugh about stereotypes without any discomfort? More important, if you laugh about it, with them, does it make you a citizen of the world? Or is it just a feeling?

I met people who were born in a country, grew up in another one, dated (and still do) people who come from other continents and told me: “I am a citizen of the world. I do not feel attach to any particular culture.” He just connects with people, and that’s it. Things are made.

This feeling or call it whatever you want is the one of an utopia, the way you feel during a party, a lifetime or simply a period during which you have no choice but to connect with others…and I would like to believe that it will arouse in all aspects of this life, mostly in professional life.

I just feel like this today, and I would like to believe in it.


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