How not to appreciate a concert?

One of the obvious differences between generation X (born between 1961 and 1981) and generation Y (born between 1980 and 1999) is time.

The first one takes time to appreciate things to their right value and the second one is obsessed with speed and digital. Sometimes, they are so in the mood to capture everything that they actually forget to appreciate the moment. Something generation X still does: deeply and intensely live every moment.

Last weekend, I was in a concert. What a surprise when I realized the moment the artist was on stage, everyone in the room brought out his/her phone and recorded every movement of the singer, from the very beginning until the end. And I wondered, are they really going to say the concert was good? Or are they going to watch their recorded video at home before appreciating the singer’s performance? How many people even looked at their video later? (I am just asking…I know the importance of keeping memories!)

It’s hard to say. Let’s say it’s just a different way to enjoy life…

Special thanks to Lady Ginger who inspired these words! 😉

Stay tuned!


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