Japan: when a family adopt its son-in-law…

While some adopt babies, others adopt adults!

Let’s get a foothold in Asia and discover all the honour given to adults men.

Adopting a man would be a strategy to get more power. The act allowed families who had none to get a male heir or a son. The latter would marry the family’s daughter and would become the head of the family or would run the family business.

Adoptees generally were on the same social and economic level as the adoptive family. Furthermore, it was above all an opportunity to give the second born of families to get the rank of elder and access to more responsibilities and independence in another family.

A win-win deal for both parties as someone would say. Today, beyond being a traditional practice, it has become a business strategy in some areas.

Would you adopt your son-in-law?


Special thanks to Lady Ginger who inspired these words! 


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